Clam Island


The Clam Island Saferoom


Security is paramount at Clam Island especially in the world of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance, given the slew of rugs and exploits in yield farming projects recently.
Clam Island take security seriously, which is why we decided to take a three layered approach to our project auditing. We completed 2 audits through world renowned auditors that specialize in the DEFI and Smart Contracts, and we finished it off with a review from experienced and independent community solidity developers
For those of you that are not aware, Bramah Systems is the auditor behind a number of well-known quality DeFi projects such as dYdX, OctoFi and Mai Finance. Brahma Systems, has over 19 years of security experience in both application and financial market systems, and due to this experience of auditing not only applications but finance systems was the logical choice for our first audit.
Because we truly believe that security is paramount, we engaged with a second audit partner DEFIYIELD. DEFIYIELD, is a leading DeFi Auditor. With over 50 audits completed and the world’s most comprehensive audit archive conducted a second audit for Clam Island.
To offer the best and safest experience for Clam Island visitors, we decided to only launch launch after the full completion of the audits. An audit is of course not a guarantee, but given the novel features we are adding to Clam Island, being audited by a reputable firm can go a long way in ensuring that everything will work smoothly and as intended.
  • Bramah Systems Audit
  • Audit (find below attached)