Clam Island

Current Roadmap

Current Roadmap
Clam Island is a true visionary in this space, with some very achievable let lofty goals. We will continue to provide updates on our roadmap
While it is inevitable that some items will be completed sooner than expected and some items will take longer than expected, you have our commitment to always actively communicate and engage with our community that we are forever grateful for.
Q2 2021
Clam Island Citizen's Program
Beta Site Launch
Fully Complete
Q3 2021
Clam Island Launch
Clam Island Pearl Hunt
Balance Ecosystem for Sustainability
On Track
Q4 2021
Link real world pearls and clams with Clam Island
Boost income with single-use booster items
Q1 2022
Integrate NFT marketplace
Q2 2022
Expand ecosystem by integrating new NFT collections and games.