Clam Island


Frequently Asked Questions by our Community
What is a Pearl?
If I have a fault, how can I report it?
You can either report to our fault reporting Telegram (TG) group -
Or via our Discord group in the Feedback Channel
Why are the fees high to get a Clam or Pearl
There are two factors, one is the RNG (Random Number Generator) oracle, the other is the DNA decoder contract that interprets the random number from the oracle into traits. Both of these result in fees as these are interactions with external tools with their own fee structure.
What is the purpose of Pearl?
Pearl can be burnt, to provide you with a Pearl Boost. A Pearl boost is an amount of $GEM extra you can claim in addition to any earned GEM from a native pool in the Clam Island Ban
How do I stake in the Bank?
Why cant I remove my GEM Boost
In order to remove any Bonus (From Clam or Pearl) you must have a balance in a native pool such as $GEM, $SHELL, BNB-SHELL or BNB-GEM. It only needs to be a nominal amount 0.01 GEM etc.
What is a Pearl Boost?
A Pearl Boost provides the community member with a fixed reward paid in GEM Token, only certain pearls can be used to get the Pearl Boost. Please refer to Key Parameters
When will a mobile version be available?
Mobile friendly UI is in the pipeline. As most people familiar with the crypto space, creating a true mobile enabled experience is no easy task. On first launch, there were other items that were of higher priority. However Mobile Friendly UI is on our roadmap to drive towards mass adoption.
Can I burn a Clam NFT straight away for $SHELL?
Refer to Key Parameters . In order to control inflation and maintain an equilibrium within the ecosystem Clam NFT's can not be burnt straight away for $Shell
How much Shell can you harvest for one clam?
Each Clam starts off with 1 $SHELL, which can be harvested after 48hrs has past since the original purchase of the Clam. Each time a Clam produces a Pearl, the Clam produces an extra 0.1 $SHELL. The maximum amount of Pearls a Clam can produce is between 5-15, if you produce the last Pearl from a clam (I.e say number 15 from a Clam that could produce 15) it had the greatest chance of producing a higher rarity tier Pearl. However, once a Clam produces it last Pearl it dies ( it stays as NFT but couldn't be harvested for SHELL or more Pearls etc.) So, if you don't want to go for thr last Pearl and you want to harvest for $SHELL then on a Clam with 15 Pearls, you would only produce 14 Pearls ( so that you don't kill your clam) this scenario would give you the maximum $SHELL possible from a Clam. 1 $SHELL to start with then 14× 0.1 $SHELL = 2.4 $SHELL. The minimum $SHELL from Clam would be between the starting point of 1 $SHELL and 1.4 $SHELL ( if you had Clam that produced 5 Pearls etc)
Why didn't I get a pearl boost
You may have not got your GEM Boost due to;
  1. 1.
    You don't have a balance in the native pools. A native pool is $GEM, $SHELL or GEM-BNB or SHELL-BNB etc. You need to have something staking in one of these pools to be eligible to clam your GEM bonus
  2. 2.
    It hasn't been 24hrs since you staked, as these are calculated once a day (So you may just not see it displayed under GEM bonus). If on a PC you can hover over the blue Harvest Button in the bank and then click on the Hyper Link called "View Vesting Breakdown"
Native Tokens means SHELL, GEM or Derivatives liked GEM-BNB or SHELL-BNB etc.
Can I see my NFTs
You can see all your Clams and Pearls within the Safe Room -
What is #ClamBakeThursday
Over the period of one week beginning on #ClamBakeThursday, Clam prices can increase or decrease by up to a maximum factor of 2. Throughout the week, the price at any given time is determined based on the price of Clams at the end of last week, the number of Clams sold last week, and the number of Clams sold this week so far. For example, if 210 Clams were sold last week, and it is now the end of day 1 of the current week, then the Clam prices would be the same as the price at the end of last week if 210 / 7 = 30 clams have been sold so far. If more than 30 have been sold, then the price would be higher, and if less have been sold, then the price would be lower.
This price mechanism adjusts itself according to the number of Clams being purchased, rather than being based on an arbitrary maximum number of clams available for the week and expecting that the market can meet this maximum limit every week
How much Yield can I get from Clam's and Pearls?