Clam Island

NFT Deep Dive

A deep dive into the NFTs

The Clam NFTs can be separately deposited in the Clam Island Farms in order to farm Pearl NFTs. A deposited Clam will produce a Pearl at random between 8–72 Hours. The collection of a produced Pearl will also require you to burn $GEM.
All NFTs of Clam Island are fully interactive 3D NFTs. Here are a few examples of Clam NFTs:
An example of Clam NFTs and their traits
The Clam trait combinations come from the following traits:
  • 11 different shapes;
  • 10 different shell colours;
  • 10 different inner colours;
  • 10 different lip colours;
  • 12 different patterns;
  • 5 different tongue shapes;
  • 10 different tongue colours
  • a size of between 1–100; and
  • a lifespan of between 5–15 (this represents the number of Pearls a Clam can produce before it dies).
This leads to over 6 billion different possible trait combinations (including a variety of shapes, colors, tongues, patterns etc.) available for Clams, and of course some are rarer than others!
Each Clam has a limited lifespan which defines how many Pearls it can produce before the Clam dies and can no longer produce Pearls. A dead Clam still exists as an NFT and can be traded, but it can't be harvested for
There are over 86,000,000,000 possible trait combinations for our Pearl NFTs! And of course again, certain types of Pearls are rarer than others. The type of Clam that you have can also influence the types of Pearls that you are more likely to produce. Here’s some examples of those lovely pearls