Clam Island


Clam Island aims to become the Steam of blockchain gaming & yieldfarming.
Clam Island is a unique concept and introduces with it a unique tokenomics model for gamifying yield farming with integrated NFT collectibles that have billions of random trait combinations, built-in rarity tiers and financial utility. But it is much more than just one game. It is a proof of concept.
The two-token model that we have designed allows both utility and flexibility. $GEM is at once the yield farming reward token and the in-game currency, while $SHELL is the governance token that is also tightly linked to the NFT assets of the game itself. Once we prove that this model is sustainable, and we are confident that we will, our plan is to open up our ecosystem to allow other NFT collections and games to build on top of our platform.
What exactly does that mean, you might ask? Well, imagine other games that have NFT assets that, using a protocol designed by Clam Island, can easily hook into the Clam Island ecosystem and use $GEM for its in-game currency to purchase NFTs as well as to boost $GEM rewards in our yield farm. Similar to Clam Island, most of the $GEM used in purchasing NFTs would be burned, with the rest going to the game as income, except a small cut that comes to Clam Island as its cut for using its platform.
Why would other games want to do this? Because it allows them to hook into a proven sustainable yield farming ecosystem and give their NFTs financial utility without risk. It also helps gain exposure for them at launch, especially as the Clam Island ecosystem grows.
Beyond that, much like how Clam Island has $SHELL, a third party game joining the ecosystem can also have its own governance token for its game, which preserves the game’s ability to raise money using its own token despite joining our ecosystem and choosing $GEM as the in-game currency.
Our integrated NFT marketplace will then also become the cornerstone for inter-game trade, where NFTs from one game can be easily traded with NFTs from another game within our ecosystem. Plus, we can easily facilitate inter-game collaborations as well within the Clam Island ecosystem, by allowing NFTs from one game to have certain effects in another game, whether as a limited time promotion or as an ongoing partnership.
This is the backbone upon which we intend to expand the ecosystem into the Steam of blockchain gaming / yield farming.
This grand vision also means that we have every intention of being a true cross-chain ecosystem. Unlike many other yield farms that like to deploy separate, unbridged tokens across different chains, we intend to bridge the $GEM token in every new chain that we deploy on. We have every confidence in the sustainability of our ecosystem and our long term vision.
Be the frog that hops out of its well
In many ways, yield farms represent the quintessential frog at the bottom of the DeFi well. From UX design to marketing, community growth and product placement, it is clear that yield farms think of the DeFi market as their entire world.
But not Clam Island.
From the inception of our immersive, 3D UI, we had set our sights on the world outside of the DeFi well. The Tachyon Accelerator program has also helped us focus on this goal. Yes, our target market at launch is still the DeFi market, and that makes sense because of what we are and DeFi being the low-hanging fruit. However, once we launch with our MVP, we have a plan to rapidly expand our market outreach almost immediately to the wider crypto market, and then the crypto-curious, and then the general retail market as well. And we daresay that few crypto projects have a better-designed UI to achieve those goals than Clam Island.
Another important element to our plans to reach the mainstream audience is the idea that Clam Island should have real-world incentives and real-world partnerships. We are already in talks with a number of real-world organizations to make this a reality, and some of these partnerships may well be unlike anything else you have seen in the crypto scene.