Clam Island

Clam Island Citizen Program

Given the importance of community to a DeFi project, we want to organize and reward the collective contribution from our talented community members.
That’s why we have started the Clam Island Citizenship Program. Citizen is the Discord Role granted to community members who are either active or future contributors to Clam Island.
Knowing that there are many talented and dedicated members in our community, we want to show our appreciation and reward their actions. The Citizenship Program will also help us organize and coordinate community content creation and marketing efforts.

How can I get the Citizen role?

It’s easy, simply write a message in the #citizen-recruit channel on Discord and state how you want to contribute to Clam Island. You will be granted the Citizen role and access to the #citizen-island channel. However, the role itself will not entitle you to any rewards. You will need to contribute and provide proof of your contribution in the channel. We will keep track of all contributions and reward members appropriately based on the level of contribution.
If have been actively contributing to Clam Island already, your efforts are not forgotten and you will be assigned the Citizen role on Discord. Simply write a message in the #citizen-recruit channel and you will be granted the role. Include a brief summary of how you have contributed thus far and we will give you points for it!

How can I contribute?

There are a variety of ways you can contribute to Clam Island, including but not limited to:
  • Content creation (videos, gifs, infographics, articles, etc)
  • Marketing (Reddit posts, 4Chan posts, Youtube, Twitter, Discord Invites, etc)
  • Proposing great (and realistic) ideas to improve Clam Island
  • Development — building products under the Clam Island brand and ecosystem. (For this one DM @DkNinja on Telegram, we can potentially negotiate additional rewards)
For each contribution you will earn points. Those points will be tracked in a public Google spreadsheet, see the link at the bottom of this article.
Let’s be coordinated in marketing! If you write an article about Clam Island, you can share it with everyone here first and get feedback. Then you can announce a time when you will post the article so everyone can upvote together for more visibility.
We use a self reporting system to keep track of points. Link to the self-reporting form:
We will audit the responses so please report with integrity.

What are the rewards?

Each month the top 3 Citizens will be rewarded with a rare Maxima Clam NFT. This Clam cannot be purchased. Instead, there are only two ways to get this Clam. You can find out more about the Maxima in the NFT Deep Dive Article.