Clam Island

Key Parameters

Here you can find all key parameters of the Clam Island Ecosystem
Pearl Production Time
8-72 hrs. (random)
Clam Incubation Time*
48 hrs.
Clam Lifespan
5-15 (random)
Initial harvestable $SHELL per Clam
Additional $SHELL per Pearl produced
0.1 $SHELL
Clams available for purchase
2,500 in first week
Available Clams reduction
50 per week, until there are only 500 CLAMS available per week.
Clam starting price^
75 $GEM
Pearl production price
5 $GEM
Spent $GEM usage
80% burn, 20% treasury
Pearl burn traits rotation
every 24hrs
$GEM launch liquidity
$20,000 @ ~$3.50 per $GEM
$GEM emission
1.5 per block
$GEM emission reduction
none for 8 weeks, then 5% every week.
$GEM reward lock#
50% for 7 days
*Clam incubation time now only applies to harvesting for $SHELL - there is no delay in being able to produce Pearls with freshly purchased Clams.
^This price is automatically adjusted every week based on the demand for Clams in the previous week.
#The lock applies every time you harvest in the yield farming pools. Locked $GEM rewards can still be used to purchase Clams.